Our mission is to engage young women in computer science and related IT fields. We are the only after school program in Minneapolis Public Schools that focuses on coding and STEM and are proud to be the 1st computer technology high school program in Minneapolis Public Schools. Sisters-n-Technology gives young women the technology skills they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

We want to cover every facet of computer technology to give our girls a strong start towards a great career. Over the summer, club members are employed through Minneapolis Community Education teaching computing and programming skills to younger students. This allows members to build their leadership skills, helps support middle schools with mentoring and is an opportunity to recruit new Sisters-N-Technology members.

To support our graduating seniors, Sisters-N-Technology has partnerships with Summit Academy and Prime Digital Academy. These programs are tailored for rapid employment in the computer industry and will ensure that all members of the club have access to a bright future in technology.

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Sisters-N-Technology is based out of Minneapolis, MN. The city where George Floyd was tragically killed by a Minneapolis Police officer. We stand against racial injustice. We want the world to know that we do not approve, practice & speak injustice of any group by sexual orientation, religious or personal preferences within the Sisters-N-Technology platform.

We fight against racism. Heal our city!

-Thomas Waltower
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- Fear None Conquer All (F.N.C.A)
- Kylar I.O
Toyanna Anderson
Central State University
Wilberforce, OH
Dalisia Hoskins
Xavier University
New Orleans, LA
Jasmine Jackson
North Dakota State College of Science
Destiny Hoskins
Fishers College
Boston, MA
Freshawn Collins
Paul Quinn
Dallas, TX
Taylor Tidwell-Bennet
Spellman College
Atlanta, GA
Claire Jensen
Amherst College